True Motion brings together the best evidence-based care to elevate your health and well being.


Brain based Personal training

Our multi-phase Neural Performance systems are the first of its kind to integrate the most innovative aspects of pain management and athletic training to restore balance, improve flexibility and MOVE better!


Focused on regaining joint mobility  to improve your body's structure. We also focus on sports injury rehab, teaching better posture, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.



As part of our comprehensive approach to restoring function to the brain and body, we offer our exclusive Yoga classes as a way for new and practicing students to immerse themselves with world class education and the highest quality Instructors. 

Challenge yourself to move better 


True Motion's Yoga will truly challenge you to move better than you have before. You will learn about quality movement through classes and workshops with our world class yoga instructors.

Our instructors are highly educated in various sciences to provide the best possible class experience, as well as help YOU understand more about your mind and body.



Live with Passion


Personal coaching at True Motion focuses on more than lifting heavy weights and sweating it out. We train your brain to function better through precise assessments and individualized programs. We combine neural training, mobility and joint re-education, myofascial release, and other effective methods to teach your body how to perform at it's highest level.



Improving the structure and function of your body


Dr. Eric Bender, D.C., C.C.S.P. is a chiropractic sports physician that relies on movement to heal and strengthen the human frame. Through adjustments to the spine, pelvis, extremities and rib cage, each patient's joint mobility will increase and assist in better function of the muscles that move those joints. He also utilizes flexion-distraction, soft tissue therapies, taping, and postural re-education to get the best results for each patient.



Healing through movement


Yoga therapy is a one on one practice between the client and practitioner. Through a combination of yoga exercises, breathing techniques and focusing on mindfulness, you will increase flexibility and strength to help heal your body and soul.